IUSD at GAMP's Berlin Module

Annual (Each summer term)

During the first year of study, each summer term, students from the MSc. IUSD program join the other German-Arab Master Program Students (GAMP) for one week in Berlin for the "Berlin Module". 

"The Berlin Module (its official title is “German-Arab Relations in Development, Business, Science & Culture, and Politics”) follows three objectives:

1. Realize the scope and intensity of political, economic and cultural objectives and instruments of German-Arab relations (WHY is action required?; and WHAT are ways to do it?)

2. Understand the set-up and interplay of institutions and organizations with relevance to German- Arab relations (HOW are the procedures working, and WHO are the drivers/actors?)

3. Encouragement for assessing the impact of objectives, instruments, institutions and organizations. (How EFFECTIVE are these procedures and how EFFICIENT are the instruments?)“ (Berlin Module organization team, Berlin)

Due to the ongoing and political and social reform processes in several Arab countries, the module emphasizing on the interplay of institutions and organizations. During this one week, the participants study the process of changing rules and regulations, based on practical examples, presented by actors in the German governance system on three different levels: parliament, federal government ministries, and implementing organizations. Students have the chance to critically discuss various topics ranging from economy, academia, social matters and politics. The "Berlin Module" also brings the chance to further strengthening the friendship and network with the other GAMP students and colleagues.


IUSD V goes Berlin

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