Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you accept applications from any country? 
The Masters Programs are open to all nationalities. However the IUSD Double Degree can only be studied if students also hold a DAAD scholarship of the EPOS  program

2. Where to find my applicant number for IUSD Stuttgart?
You can find your "applicant number" (you apply as a person) after having registered on the application portal. Please click in the upper right corner on your name > "Application" and it will appear above your current application. After the full submission of your application you will receive an "application number" (you apply for a study program) for the MSc IUSD program. 

3. How will I know that IUSD Stuttgart has received my application? How will I know that the application documents I sent are complete?
After completing the online application process you will see the note "received" in the application portal indicating your documents' status. You will receive a message stating further procedures if needed.

4. Will the lectures be held in German, English or Arabic? 
The teaching and communication language of all IUSD Masters' Programs is English.

5. Do you accept applications from all Egyptian universities? 
The Masters Programs are open to graduates from all Egyptian universities.

6. Can I apply if I do not have the required certificates as proof of my language proficiency? Can I apply if my English certificate has expired? What is the University of Stuttgart code for the TOEFL test?
Due to the short application period it may be difficult for applicants to take a TOEFL or IELTS test before the application deadline. If so, applicants are asked to provide any proof of language proficiency they have. For example, applicants can include a confirmation from their university if English was the medium of instruction; from their employer stating that English is the medium of work; or any other certificates from language schools or institutional testing programs. This does not replace the TOEFL or IELTS test. In addition, interviews will be conducted in English and applicants need to prove their communication skills. For the IUSD MSc programs, it is not necessary to send the results directly via the TOEFL homepage with the University of Stuttgart/Ain Shams University Code. Please wait for your hardcopy or digital results and upload them on the application portal. 

7. In case I am applying for the EPOS DAAD scholarship, do I have to attach the documents which are asked for in the DAAD form but not listed in the documents list of the Double Degree? 
No. You do not have to attach language certificates, description of prospected research projects in Germany or other documents to the DAAD form. Just fill in the DAAD form, sign it by hand, scan and upload it. 

8. How much time am I expected to commit to studying for the MSc IUSD? Can I do the program part-time?
The universities and also funding bodies expect you to commit full-time hours to your studies for the MSc IUSD. We strongly advise you to keep other commitments to a minimum. It is not possible to enroll on the MSc IUSD program on a part-time basis.

9. How long does it take to complete the MSc IUSD?
MSc IUSD programs are two-year programs which run over four semesters.
For IUSD Cairo all semesters are taught at the Ain Shams University in Cairo, with an option to study abroad in the 3rd semester.
For IUSD Stuttgart all semesters are taught at the University of Stuttgart with an option to study abroad in the 3rd semester.
For IUSD Double Degree the first and second semester are taught at the University of Stuttgart, the third and fourth are taught at the Ain Shams University in Cairo.

10. Can I bring my family? 
You can bring your family. However, we advise you to travel to Stuttgart/Cairo alone first in order to find a place to stay before bringing your family. Please note: Housing for families is not provided by the university accommodation services and must be organized individually.

11. Do the EPOS scholarships cover living expenses in Germany and Egypt? 
For non-German students, scholarships are calculated to cover living costs in Germany and Egypt. German students receive living subsistence only for their time abroad and not in the first year in Germany. Further information is provided by DAAD. The DAAD scholarships do not cover the administration fees of the universities. 

12. What happens to my data after the application period?
Your personal information and data is protected and will be deleted at the end of the application process. 

13. Do I need an APS document if I hold a Chinese, Vietnamese or Mongolian nationality?
Yes. Under German regulations applicants from these countries need an APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) document to enroll at a German university. You can apply for it at the embassies in your country. It is not necessary to submit this document during the application period; it can be handed in later. 

14. Who do I contact if I have questions about . . . ? 
• Studying at University of Stuttgart: Rainer Goutrié (info@iusd.uni-stuttgart.de)
• Studying at Ain Shams University: Amira Shendy (iusd@eng.asu.edu.eg)
• Scholarship related issues, DAAD (EPOS)
• Non-Study related issues, International Center: Raphaela Diel (diel@ia.uni-stuttgart.de) 
• Post-Study related issues, Alumni: Lobna Mitkees, Mohamed Aniss Gamal (iusdalumni@gmail.com)