The DAAD offers two types of study grants for the IUSD program. One type of grant will be awarded to a limited number of Arab students from the following MENA countries: Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen, covering the entire duration of the course (including travel costs and German courses). The other will be awarded to German students during the second year of the program, which takes place in Egypt or a MENA country (including travel costs and Arabic courses). Arab and German students applying to the IUSD program can also apply for the scholarship as part of their application. Current Teaching Assistans at Egyptian Public Universities are going to be funded by the Ministry of Higher Education Egypt (MoHESR). Students holding other nationalities can seek a DAAD scholarship individually at the DAAD website or other organizations. Acceptance on the IUSD program does not automatically mean that applicants have been granted a DAAD scholarship. For more information regarding the scholarship, please visit the DAAD website. Successful applicants with the above nationalities or students with other nationalities who have not been granted a DAAD scholarship can either attend the program at their own expense or seek funding individually.

There are various individual scholarship possibilities available through German and international institutions as well as institutions in the home countries of applicants as the DAAD, KAAD, etc. A list with possible funding bodies will be updated soon.