Who can apply?
Applicants from all over the world with an internationally recognized Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, regional planning or civil engineering. Professionals with Bachelor degrees in geography, sociology, environmental management, political science or economics and cultural studies, Arabic, African or Islamic studies with relevant professional experience will also be considered but should also provide proof of relevant professional experience in fields related to architecture, urban and development planning or infrastructure design. The Masters programs strongly encourages applications from young professionals working in public institutions, private sector, civil society initiatives or NGOs all over the world who are interested in IUSD-related topics and who have a high level of interest in knowledge transfer and achieving a social benefit. The Admission Commission will give applicants with work expertise or equivalent internship experience preferential treatment. We would welcome applicants from many different backgrounds and countries. 
The programs aim at bringing together young professionals with experience and maturity, who are willing to tackle new challenges, be integrative and open-minded in their approach to problem solving. Prospective students need to be able to recognize and embrace the vast scope of subject matters covered by the program, from the scale of ecosystems to constructional architectural detail, and consider this a special quality and an important asset to their professional and personal skills. 

How to apply?

Find out the exact requirements for the corresponding program line:

IUSD double degree (University Stuttgart and Ain Shams University Cairo)

IUSD program (Uni Stuttgart) 

IUSD program (Ain Shams University) 

Step 1: Online application
The application period ends 15 February 2018At this stage please do not send any hard copies to us. The links to the application portals are only available during the application period (15 December 2017 - 15 February 2018). 
Online portal University of Stuttgart
Online portal Ain Shams University

Step 2: Pre-selection and interviews 
If you have passed the pre-selection stage, you will be interviewed by two members of the selection committee. This interview may be a face-to-face or a telephone interview. For the intake in winter term 2018/2019 interviews will take place in March/April 2018. Please make sure your application documents contain an up-to-date telephone number and an email address, as we have to contact you in order to make an appointment for the interview. If we cannot contact you we will not be able to consider your application further.

Step 3: Selection, submission of hardcopy documents, scholarships
The final selection will take place in March/April 2018. You will be informed of the results as soon as the decision has been made. If you have been selected, you will be offered a place on the MSc IUSD Programs. The offer is conditional on hard copies of your documents being submitted by the deadline. Please make sure you have all the hardcopies of your documents ready for timely submission. Your notification will also contain detailed instructions on further steps such as visa applications and travel arrangements, and if applicable EPOS scholarships.